The Mirror by John Heldt


Time Travel, YA

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It’s the year 2020. Ginny and Katie Smith—twins—go to a fair to celebrate their 19th birthday where they go to a house of mirrors, and when they exit, they find themselves in 1964. After realizing that they have a way to go back, they start dealing with the situation logically. Thrust into an era which is completely different than the liberal times they come from, they try to make the most of their adventure. While waiting for a chance to return to their own time, the girls meet their family in the past and fall in love with local boys.  Now it is time for them to make some life-altering decisions.

This is another great time travel romance novel by John Heldt. The Mirror is an intriguing mix of history, romance, adventure and friendship. The author has created a unique plot with amazing characters. If you are a fan of time travel books, I recommend you read this one.


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