I’ve Been Looking for You by Jennifer Dean


YA, Romance

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I’ve Been Looking for You is a coming of age romance novel about Max and Emily. Max is the new girl at Emily’s school and the book is about how these two fall in love. This is a cliche love story with Max being a typical “playgirl” and Emily the rich, pretty blonde. The story has some crime mystery thrown in when drugs are found outside Max’s locker, which makes it interesting.

I got a review copy of this book from the author’s publicist and I was really excited to read it, since this is the first FF romance novel I have ever read. And I wasn’t disappointed. It is a fast-paced story with a good romance. I really like the couple. But, the thing that bothered me about this story was that there was nothing unique in the plot—I have read books with the same kind of plot, but the only difference is that Max and Emily are both females. There are a few editorial issues in the book too. Apart from that, this was a really great book.


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