Fated Loss by Claudia Caren


YA, Fantasy

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Fated Loss is the story of Rose Kristal, whose life is turned upside down at the age of 14, when her royal family is attacked by an evil witch, Ash. The story starts on Rose’s—who, along with her younger sister Skylar, is living with her grandparents—16th birthday. Having no memory of her life till the past year, Rose is mystified to find strange things happening to her, like accidentally bursting a bottle of water and drenching herself in one second and then finding herself dry in the next second. She later discovers that she is a royal faery, who is also the ”Saviour” of all the other faerys and the faery land called Astella. So she and Skylar go to Astella to learn about their powers to try to save the faery land. When Ash discovers Roes’s plan, she tries to thwart her at every turn. But, Rose is determined to save the faerys, and along with Skylar and her new friends, Ariel and Logan, she sets out on a thrilling journey. She does succeed in her mission—somewhat—but in the end there is a major twist in the plot.

I liked this story, it was totally interesting and action-packed. At times, I felt like I was reading a video game, what with all the fights and thrills in it. But there were a few editorial issues in it and in some places, the story was too rushed. It was a good read, overall, though.


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