Mutiny at Primrose High by Meghasi Bhatt



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Mutiny at Primrose High is about Mahima and the struggles she faces at the school she teaches in—Primrose High. A new principal has been appointed at the school, who is a bitter woman. Initially, she just makes a few changes in the rules, which is fine by all the teachers, after all new boss means new rules, right? But slowly, she starts getting on the teachers’ nerves by issuing ridiculous mandates and generally making the teacher’s life hell in her quest for maintaining “discipline”. So, fed up with her, the teachers, led by Mahima, stand up against her to get her to leave the school. Through severe perseverance, and some sly tactics, they succeed in their quest. But you have got to cut the principal some slack though. She is a single woman who supports her mother too, and now has to try to make ends meet until she finds another job.

Meghasi Bhatt has done a wonderful job of portraying the struggles faced by teachers—or any junior, as a matter of fact—if your boss is against you. The teachers have so many other things to do besides teaching, and if the principal’s against them, it makes their jobs really difficult. There were some punctuation mistakes in the book, which is not something that will bother most, but I like my books to be error free. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading this.


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