The Son of Alpha by Raleigh Daniels Jr


Science Fiction

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The Son of Alpha is the first instalment in The Legend of the Sky-Titans series. It is about two orphaned siblings, Michael and Nya, who live as sharecroppers in post-apocalyptic America.

During a visit to the market, Michael and Nya come across a wounded boy, Thames, and they take the boy to their house to care for him. Thames’ wounds heal overnight, leaving the siblings mystified. Michael—who is also Nya’s guardian—decides to send Nya and Thames to school. But, then, Nya is kidnapped by NeoMen (humanoid dinosaurs) and Michael has to save her—along with the rest of mankind— using his father’s Badge of Alpha, which can transform him into therianthropic god. He gets help from several unlikely people on his quest.

This is usually not the kind of story I would go for at first glance, but I am happy that I got a chance to read it—I got a review copy of this book from the author. This was an entertaining book, perfect as a lazy afternoon read. I liked the exciting adventure, the tension, and the interesting characters. But, this book—at least the edition that I got—needs a thorough editing/proofreading. There are quite a lot of grammatical and language issues, along with some formatting mistakes.



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