The Perfect Duchess by Erica Taylor


Historical Fiction, Romance

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The Perfect Duchess is the second instalment in the Macalister series. Lady Clara goes against her brother, Earl of Morton’s, wishes and attends the Duke of Bradstone’s Birthday Ball, which brings her brother’s wrath upon her, leaving her homeless. With nowhere else to go, she finds herself the recipient of Andrew Macalister, Duke of Bradstone’s, hospitality. Andrew was jilted at the altar by Clara’s twin sister, Christina, five years ago. Regardless, Andrew finds himself fascinated by Clara and asks her to marry him to save her reputation and protect her from her brother. Clara agrees, albeit reluctantly, but asks him to wait for three weeks for the banns to be read, thinking it will give her time to think of a way to get out of the marriage. Morton, meanwhile, has left London and is in hiding. He starts issuing threats to Clara and takes some drastic measures to get rid of herpoisoning, shooting, etc. In the end, Morton’s motives come to light–his reasons being quite unexpected–shocking everyone.

The story is filled with intrigue, drama, and romance. I quite liked the hero, Andrew, especially after he agreed to take on the responsiblity of Clara’s dead twin’s daughter, Mary, and raise her as his own. Clara, though, seemed a bit egotistical in many places and quite detached in other places. Overall, it was an okay read.



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