On Christmas Day by Rosie James


Historical fiction, Women’s fiction

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On Christmas Day is about the life of Alexandra “Lexi” Martin, who is an ambitious 14-year-old girl from Bath. Lexi is the eldest of three siblingsin a household managed by their mother with a nearly always absent fatherand she is determined to rise up from her circumstances and provide a better life for her family.

The book basically follows the story of Lexi as she grows into a successful woman. She starts working at an early age and knows that if she works hard enough, she will be able to achieve her dreams. She gets help from a lot of people on her road to successher biggest mentor being her best friend, Jhonny’s, fatherbut in the end its her hard-work and self-confidence that pays off. The book is set during World War I, though it doesn’t have any direct effect on Lexi and her immediate family.

I liked this book. I really admire Lexi and the way she is confident that she can achieve her dreams, despite her mother’s misgivings. The book sheds light on the difference in what parent’s think is best for their child and what the child actually wants. Her mother, Cecelia, knows that Lexi can accomplish something great, and though she is supportive, she doesn’t always encourage Lexi, which leads to Lexi hiding things from her mother. There is also a certain element of suspense in the bookmostly about Lexi and her best friend turned fiancé, Jhonny’s, parentage–which is a shocking discovery!

The story is really heart-warming and has a happy ending–which is perfect for the holidays. There were some minor mistakes in the book in quite a few places which were a bit off-putting. Overall, though, it was a nice story.



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