For Love or Honor by Sarah M. Eden


Historical Fiction

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For Love or Honor is set in the early 19th century London. The book is about a soldier, Stanley, and his love, Marjie. Marjie is eagerly awaiting for Stanley to return from war, and one day he surprisingly turns up at his brother, Earl of Lampton’s, London home. Marjie is the sister-in-law to the Earl and is also staying with the Earl and his wife at their London residence, which Stanley did not expect. Stanley–who only has a short time to recover before he is called back to duty–still loves Marjie, but thinks that he is too roughened by war and is no good for Marjie–typical dark, brooding hero. Marjie tries to rekindle their relationship, but is continuously thwarted by Stanley.

Upon returning to the Earl’s country home, Stanley and Marjie finally start getting closer, but still Stanley doesn’t want to marry Marjie, because then he will have to take her back with him to his army base, and he doesn’t want to expose Marjie to the war. And Stanley doesn’t want to resign his commission, thinking it will mean breaking his promise to his country.

The heroine is pretty naive sometimes, just like any delicate, sheltered English miss of that time–but I can cut her some slack, considering the way she is treated by her family. And I didn’t know whether to be impressed with the hero for his commitment to his country or to hate him for giving up the love of his life. I like the minor characters though, especially Pluck. Also, I like the way the author has not glossed the topic of war and all its ugliness. Overall, this was an okay book for me; not too bad, but not one of my favorites either.




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