Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken


Science Fiction, Fantasy

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Wayfarer is the second part of the “Passenger” dulogy. If you haven’t yet read my review of the first book ‘Passenger’, then you can do so here. Wayfarer continues where passenger left off.

After being robbed of the astrolabe-the object that was the only hope of saving her mother, Etta Spencer now finds herself cut off from Nicholas-the eighteenth century privateer she loves-and her natural time.

When she comes upon the heart of the Thorns-the travelers who stole the astrolabe from her-she vows to finish  and destroy the astrolabe. But when she realises that their leader Henry Hemlock is her father, she starts questioning everything she’s been fighting for.

Meanwhile, Nicholas, devasted by Etta’s disappearance, enlists the help of Sophia Ironwood and a mercenary to track both her and the missing astrolabe down. But as the tremors of change to the timeline grow stronger, the stakes for recovering the astrolabe mount start diminishing, and they discover an ancient power far more frightening than the rival travelers currently locked in a battle for control-a power that can eradicate the timeline altogether.

Alexandra Bracken has done it again! Wayfarer, with its beautiful descriptions and historical aspects, was everthing I hoped-wanted-it to be and much, much more. Though it was not as good as Passenger, I loved it nonetheless. This is a totally must read, you guys!








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